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CrosEl's News

Posted by CrosEl - 5 days ago

Going away for a while, at least 'til I can get a art tablet.. Or something comes up..


Posted by CrosEl - 1 month ago

Alright, confession time. I'm suppose to be being more frugal with my money now, than I ever have been in my life. But I have enough to get something I probably won't have as much time to enjoy, like before...

Should I do it for love,? Or hunker down and wait?? 💟


Posted by CrosEl - January 22nd, 2021

Got my new Fire8 today! Too bad I don't have a big old' new XP tablet to go with it 😥

Posted by CrosEl - December 31st, 2020

Seeing hype for 2021, let's be sure the virus' going, and people will stop being assholes, before we start to celebrate, huh?


Posted by CrosEl - November 8th, 2019

Havin' a strange Birthday so far; I literally just found out that I have a new follower!.. But they blocked me, so I can't follow back?.. 😂 fun!

Also, I do commissions, for anyone who wants cartoons art, emblems, backgrounds and junk...


Posted by CrosEl - January 23rd, 2019

I really wanted to continue posting/entering contest here. But it's REALLY hard to when the site doesn't work on windows?... (where's the upload thing!!?)


Happy Pixel Day!



Posted by CrosEl - June 17th, 2018

For anyone who WAS reading my webcomic: sorry, I can't post anymore due to the:

Unscouted Limit Exceeded

thing... so until I'm scouted, I can't come back... I hope you enjoy what I DID post here... PLEASE DON'T STEAL the characters, names ect... All of it (except technically names, and the inspiried plot) are mine, if your curious to how this goes, come to Comic Fury...


Posted by CrosEl - June 1st, 2018

You may or may not have noticed, but I finally got everything ready and I'm uploading normally again! Thanks to my new Android, I have the means to upload AND keep everything! Please continue watching, as I finish the Kristelle's Arc! 

Posted by CrosEl - April 23rd, 2018

If anyone HAS been looking at my comic, I'm sorry if I ever stop posting: I have ran into a serious problem on my tablet, and MIGHT not be able create stripslike I want... I'll need a new device to continue easily... Here's hoping I WON'T need to buy another device...

Posted by CrosEl - April 8th, 2018

I'm at the mid-point for this arc, from my comic: UBERNATURA! (While I'm not EXACTLY in the middle, this marks the point when it becomes more violent! Please check my Playlist to see (If you find typos, scribbles ect. Sorry, I'm still getting use tomy graphics Tablet... It'll be better, later...)